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"As the daughter of a cabinetmaker, I appreciate fine craftsmanship in quality wood, and I was very impressed with the beauty and durability of the Cat Prairie Play Toy.  My Maine Coon kitten, Archie, enjoys retrieving treats and toys from it every day.  Most cat toys for sale are ugly plastic that shatters quickly, but your Cat Prairie Play Toy will last through the life of my cat and looks attractive in my living room."

~ Miriam K.

"The stairs are superb, a work of art.  To say that we are pleased would be a gross understatement; thrilled would be much more like it.  Really appreciate the superb packaging job you did; the stairs were really well protected.  Many thanks,"

~ James S..

"Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did.  Penny's [special order, large size] bed is absolutely gorgeous and she loves it!


Thank you again.  It's exactly what I was hoping for."

~ Angela S..

"Hello Bob,

Thanks so much for making the trip out here to deliver and assemble the crates.  The dogs [Stela, Sadie, and Han] love them.

Not only are they much sturdy and heavier (so they can't "excite shake" around the room), but they also block sound and act as sort of a crate cover, since they're darker inside than wire crates.

They all went right in them with no extra training and know exactly whose is whose.  They look beautiful in the house, and I actually like having the tops of them act as sort of extra table space.

Thanks again!"

~ Jason S.

"At first Lily wasn't sure about the stairs, but as you can see, she's mastered them and can join her brother, Nigel, on the bed."

~ Kathleen and Richard T.


"Bella absolutely loves her special bed! Thank you for working with me on getting a design that accommodated her"


~ Barbara H..


"We've had the Prairie Lounge for six years now and I had to show you how it's still Grady's favorite place to sleep.  He loves to rest his head on the edge and as he's getting older, I can tell he appreciates the low entrance."

~ Bob M.

"Hi Bob!

Well, all I can say is that you were absolutely right!  The perch is beautiful.  It's gorgeous! Fits perfectly with my living room decor.  Now I can move that ratty old scratching post elsewhere. I'm very happy I came across your advertisement in American Bungalow.  This is a real find!  Thanks a lot!"

~ Steve G..

"We got the Mission Tile Dining Station before we got Lily!  As you can see, she had no problem getting used to the elevated bowls.  And Nigel still loves his dining station." [after 4 years]

~ Kathleen and Richard T.

"Everything arrived safely today and is lovely.  It truly is as fine as the finest furniture and you can be proud to display the pieces in your home.  Thanks for taking such great care in the packing as well.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to do so in the future.  By the way, the suggestion to go up to the large size on the feeding table was perfect."


(after one year) "Both the stairs and (dining) station look as nice as the day they arrived and that is after 2 Goldens are banging around each of them every day. What ever finish you are using is really holding up well, even though the station does get wet from the water dishes."

~ Nancy D.

"Reilly's dining station has arrived and he loves it!  It's so well crafted and just gorgeous.  I look forward to continuing to add more mission-inspired furniture to my home so as to match Reilly's dining decor!  Thanks so much for your artistry and exceptional follow-up."

~ Joan F.

"I received the Cat Perch today and it is gorgeous! Now I can get rid of my cruddy cat condo that my cats don't even use.  Thank you so much, who knew cat furniture could work with my decor!"

~ Arleen F.


"Molly just loves her new pet bowl.  And I don't have to bend over as far to pick them up when they're empty!"

~ Fran M.

"Hi Bob - just wanted to let you know that Rennie loves the tower.  He hits next to the top level at a full run and spends most of his time on the top.  Thanks so much."

~ Ned L.

"I received the cat perch today!  It is as gorgeous as I knew it would be. You see how we are using it (the Mission Cat Perch) as a side table for the sofa as well."

~ Janet C.

"The Mission Urn was beautiful and the widow was beside herself at a how perfect it was for her husband and our best friend.  Thank you so much for making a difficult day a contented day with helping us provide a lasting and meaningful gift for our friend in her time of need."


~ Linda and Bruce M.


NOTE: The large Mission Urn can hold ashes for a pet or human that weighed up to 125 lbs. We can also make a larger urn upon request.

The Mission Urn "coordinates perfectly with our mission decor as well as providing us with a beautiful, life-long tribute to our beloved sheltie."

~ Carla and Gary P.

"I received the raised feeding station last night.  It s exceeded my expectations and my dog absolutely loves it.  The craftsmanship is superb, and it is truly craftsmanship, not workmanship.  It matched the color of all my furniture."

~ Roxanne M.

"Our girls, Patty and Phoebe, absolutely love their new condo!  Thanks to you both for creating such a beautiful piece.  It looks so nice in the room.  During the morning hours it's so bright and beautiful the girls love it.  Patty is quite the character sitting on the sisal disk [cover for the passageway to the top of the Mission Condo]."

~Mairead R. and Kirsten K.

"After getting used to the stairs, Nigel now uses them all the time to get to our bed! And we love the dining station with the ceramic bowls and matching treat jars."

~ Kathleen and Richard T.

"The absolutely beautiful scratching post (Mission Cat Perch) and bed (Prairie Lounge) arrived today just as you said it would.  My sister, son and I just stood there marveling at how lovely and well made they are.  Really, they are works of art.  Thank you so much."

~ Jeannine A.

"Got it!  FedEx delivered the Urn a few minutes ago.  Wow, what an outstanding job of work.  I have modern Stickely arts & crafts 'mission oak' furniture throughout my flat and Stickley could sure take a few lessons from you on how to make and finish top quality furniture/ cabinetry!  Thank you so much.  I know my friend will be proud to have your Urn atop her oak dresser."

~ Jim S.

"My urn is spectacular, so beautifully made.  I didn't count on the batten sliding out to lock the top on securely, what a wonderful detail.  Hana's ashes fit in it perfectly, no scattering required."

~ Aleta K. & Eric R..

"We are extremely pleased!  The color is great and we love the arrays of the Mission Bed.  You've exceeded our expectations!."

~ Chris H.

"As Molly watched, Dewey went to town, peeking Simon's curiosity. Dewey figured out how to get the balls out within the first 15 minutes--and the rest is history.  They (and we) thank you for what will continue to be countless hours of enjoyment (if we can find the balls!)."

~ Linda

"We received the pet den today.  It has far exceeded my expectations!  The design is perfect and the craftsmanship superb!  Thank you so much for creating this beautiful piece of furniture for us and our pet!  We look forward to working with you again soon!"

~ Amy A.


"We received the Mission Key Holder yesterday morning...another beautiful piece.  We love it.  Thank you."

~ Gary & Carla P.

"We received the dining station.  It is fabulous and the dogs love it.  The dogs are also very happy with the crate (Mission Pet Den) and bed (Prairie Lounge)."

~ Tonya and Dan S.

"This is just a quick note to let you know that we received the pet urn with the tile yesterday and are very, very pleased. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the wood is beautiful.  Thank you very much."

~ Denise H.


"I just want to thank you for the beautiful job you did on Ranger's urn.  It is truly a fitting tribute to a wonderful companion."

~ Robert C.

"I was very happy to see that you started carrying this line of beds because I have always wanted a large oval one but never purchased one before now.  I especially love the extra padding that was included along with the bag of catnip!  I appreciate the emergency rescue stickers too.  My cats have been taking turns in the bed and there's enough room for two.  I'm attaching a picture of my kitty Melody enjoying the bed.  I hope you'll continue to stock more in various colors.

Happy repeat customer,"

~ Janet C.

"I just received our dining station and it is beautiful!  Thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship.  Our chocolate lab, Bells, has already had a snack at her new station! She was quite pleased!"

~ Todd W.

"We received the urn today and it exceeded our expectations.  It is absolutely gorgeous and appropriate for our little Java.  Thank you so much."

~ David and Irene B.


"I'm impressed by the finish on the Prairie Lounge.  I like how the rich, dark color matches my other furniture.  Plus, as you can tell, my fat cat, K.C., finds the lounge to be a comfortable fit!"

~ Bob M.

"We received our medium pet urn last week and we are very impressed with our cat's final resting place.  We are in the process of finishing the lower level of our house for my home office and I designed it to show my love of arts and crafts architectural design and the urn will fit in nicely with the decor.  We have received many compliments on the urn and we just wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful piece of furniture and your kind words."

~ Gina and Tom K.

"The two feeding stations are lovely and the two beds could not be more beautiful.  Everything is impeccably created and I couldn't be more proud to have them in my newly renovated mission home.  My cats use everything!"

~ Debbie S.

"My urn is spectacular, so beautifully made.  I didn't count on the batten sliding out to lock the top on securely, what a wonderful detail.  Hana's ashes fit in it perfectly, no scattering required. This piece is art and worth every dime, as beautiful things usually are. We thank you so much."

~ Aleta K. and Eric R.

"We received our pet urn in the mail today. Just wanted to take a minute and let you know that the urn is exactly what we wanted and were expecting.  We are delighted with the design, the materials, and the craftsmanship.  The packaging for shipment was top notch.  Thanks for the extra effort.  We appreciate your product offerings and will be sure to visit your website often."

~ Annette and Paul S.


"I used to hurt my back back  pulling Allie onto our bed every night.  The stairs are wonderful and strong.  I like how we can switch out the carpet to match our furniture.  My 2 year old son enjoys climbing them as well!"

~ Scott S.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful pet urn!   It is stunning.   The craftsmanship is exceptional.  Honey will be so pleased!  I look forward to ordering from you again - not too soon for another urn though!  Maybe a dining station..."

~ Melinda S.

"Spike loves his dining station.  No more scooting his food all over the floor, and it is so beautiful!  I love it too!.  It is the perfect height for him also."

~ Julie P.



"I set it down and the pups immediately jumped in!  I love how the lounge looks with my other arts and crafts furniture!"

~ Suzanne B.

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