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A note to my wonderful customers: 

After 16 years serving you and your pets, I've decided to scale back Bungalow Bob's Pet Designs to concentrate on other opportunities.  I will continue to craft pieces in my spare time, so if you're interested in a handcrafted piece for your pet, please contact me for lead time.  It's been such a pleasure growing this business, meeting you and learning about your love of the Arts & Craft movement and your pets!





Mission Pet Urns 


Mission Pet Urn


 Click for engraving options and additional pictures



While it's very difficult to lose a pet, we now provide a means to keep them near you forever.  The Mission Pet Urn is an attractive container for your pet's remains so they can always be close by.  Crafted from solid quartersawn white oak, the batten fastens the top to the base, providing a secure box to hold your pet's ashes. 


The Small Mission Pet Urn is only available blank which highlights the natural beauty of the wood.  The Medium and Large Mission Pet Urns have a few options:  Blank which highlights the natural beauty of the wood, a 3x3 Motawi Tile, a glass insert for a 3x3 picture, or an engraved Oak Tree.  Engraving is available on all sizes.


The Urn comes in three sizes (custom sizes available, please call us at 812-344-5597):

    Outside Dimensions Inside Dimensions Size Pet  

8" wide x 6" deep x 4" tall

4 " wide x 3" deep x 2" tall (30 cubic inches)  up to 35 lbs  

9" wide x 6 " deep x 7" tall

4" wide x 4" deep x 4" tall (80 cubic inches)  up to 90 lbs  

10" wide x 6 " deep x 7" tall

6" wide x 4" deep x 4" tall (110 cubic inches)  up to 125 lbs  


The Medium and Large sizes are available with or without a 3x3 Motawi Tile or area for a 3x3 Photo:


Dard Hunter Rose

Relief Tile

  Green Oak Dark Oak Green Dark Ocean Dog (pictured) Cat  







  Model Size Price



  Medium $229.00
  Large $249.00
  With 3x3 MotawiTile



  Large $269.00

  With 3x3 Photo



  Large $259.00


Engraving (available for any size urn)

We will contact you if you purchase engraving.

See additional photos for engraving font options






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