Bungalow Bob's Pet Designs is proud to offer superior quality Bison Leather and Fabric pet beds!


Tasman's Natural Pet Premium Luxury Bison Leather Pet Beds 


Bungalow Bob's Pet Designs strives to offer the best in comfort  and quality for your pet and we've found it in these Bison Leather beds!  Available in 5 sizes to accommodate any size pet, this "Ultimate in Comfort" pet bed starts with a Genuine Bison Leather Bolster Frame made of extra thick (1.6 - 1.8 mm) yet soft American bison leather specially tanned with no harmful topcoat or finish chemicals.  This Bolster Frame is then hand stuffed with hypoallergenic poly fill stuffing and completed with a waterproof, medical grade antibacterial non-skid material on the bottom.


NOTE:  Leather is ‘Naked”, meaning they have very little on them and it is recommended that they be waterproofed with high quality products


The pad is made in the USA and is 5.12lbs visco-elastic memory foam, custom engineered by a human bed manufacturer with activated charcoal infused throughout the foam to eliminate odors and keep the bed smelling fresh and clean.  The pad with cover is removable from the Bolster and can be used as a stand-alone bed.


Beds come with a Standard Cover that is a removable Faux Fur on top and bottom with micro suede fabric on the sides.  Depending on the Leather color selected, the faux fur cover will be tan on one side and brown on the other or tan on one side and black on the other.


Also available as an upgrade is a Crypton Premium removable made from stain and water resistant Genuine Crypton Super Fabric on top (with dog pattern) and medical grade antibacterial non-skid material on the bottom.  


Another upgrade is a Genuine Bison Shearling Cover, available for those wishing to give their pet the absolute most luxurious hypoallergenic sleeping surface. Medical grade antibacterial non-skid material on the bottom.




A zip-out waterproof, breathable liner made from Burlington's "Extreme" or 'Xalt" type fabric protects the pad from any moisture, while allowing the pad to breath  to ensure the activated charcoal does it's job of keeping odors away. 


Cover and Liner Zippers run along 3 sides for easy on-off.


Tasman's Warranty:

Leather Bolster Frame – 1 Year warranty against manufacturer defects.    Excludes:  Chewing, Scratches, normal wear and tear by the pet, stains.  (Tasman's Leathers are ‘Naked”, meaning they have very little on them and we recommend waterproofing with high quality products).


Cover and W/P Liner – 90 Days Warranty against  manufacturer defects – Excludes:  damage from chewing, scratching, wear & Tear, stains, excessive machine washes.


Memory Foam Pad 1 Year free of defects.  Excludes:  chewing, scratching, wear & tear by the pet.



Here is Liza, a 10 pound black cat we adopted from our local shelter in the

extra small Rust bed and the small Blood Red Bed with the Bison Shearling cover upgrade.

Hogan and Ozzy are inseparable, so we had to get a bed big enough for

both of them.  Ozzy is white and grey and is a big-boned 20

pound guy.  Hogan is a grey tabby and is 10 pounds.

According to Hogan, they both fit comfortably in the small

Blood Red bed with the Bison Shearling cover upgrade.


We offer Tasman's Premium Bison Leather

pet beds at 20% off retail pricing!

Note:  These beds are made-to-order. Bed ships within 3-4 weeks.



Regular Price

Our Price

(20% off)

Extra Small

Pad size: 16" x 12"


NOTE:  The Bison Leather Bolster adds about 16" in width and about 12" in depth to the pad size


X-Small with Faux Fur cover



X-Small with Crypton Fabric cover $284 $227
X-Small with Bison Shearling cover $332 $266


Pad size: 20" x 15"


NOTE:  The Bison Leather Bolster adds about 16" in width and about 12" in depth to the pad size

Small with Faux Fur cover



Small with Crypton Fabric cover $388 $310
Small with Bison Shearling cover $457 $366


Pad size: 36" x 24"


NOTE:  The Bison Leather Bolster adds about 16" in width and about 12" in depth to the pad size

Medium with Faux Fur cover



Medium with Crypton Fabric cover $628 $502
Medium with Bison Shearling cover $800 $640


Pad size: 40" x 30"


NOTE:  The Bison Leather Bolster adds about 16" in width and about 12" in depth to the pad size

Large with Faux Fur cover

$860 $688
Large with Crypton Fabric cover $881 $705
Large with Bison Shearling cover $1,129 $903


Pad size: 54" x 38"


NOTE:  The Bison Leather Bolster adds about 16" in width and about 12" in depth to the pad size

Jumbo with Faux Fur cover

$1,320 $1,056
Jumbo with Crypton Fabric cover $1,355 $1,084
Jumbo with Bison Shearling cover $1,885 $1,508



Carrie Belle's braided fabric pet beds. 


Made in the USA using up-cycled materials. Each bed is a unique hand-made work of art comprised of remnant fabric purchased in small batches which makes each bed different from the last. The fabric is wrapped around a synthetic core and knit closed to form a rope that is then sewn into the desired form.  The firm walls give pets a snug and secure personal space and they are machine washable! The sides can be folded over to make a very sturdy sidewall for your pet to rest their head on.  A washable fleece insert is included to enhance your pet's comfort. The beds are handmade and sizes can vary slightly. They are extremely well made and pets love sleeping in them! 


Pictured below are the actual beds for purchase.  


Note that color monitors vary so the actual color may be different from the picture. 

We've noted the main colors of the bed. 

Please contact us if you have any questions on the color or size of the beds. 


Two of our cats volunteered to be models to give you an idea of the size of the beds.  Liza is black and weighs 10 pounds.  She picked us out when we dropped off a donation at the local humane society.  You can tell from the pictures she has a personality all her own and does not want to be a model as a long-term career.  Ozzy is a large, Maine Coon-type cat.  He is white and grey, 20 pounds and came to our back door on a cold winter night meowing loudly for food and a warm place to sleep. This sweet guy is big boned and enjoys the larger sized beds and has also indicated he does not want a career in modeling.


The Cuddler


Liza loves to curl up into a ball when she sleeps

which the Cuddler is perfect for her!

The Cuddler is a perfect basket for smaller pets up to 9 pounds or those that like to cuddle up into a ball when they sleep.  It is also the perfect bed for a litter of kittens!


4" tall x 13" diameter



  Bed 4" tall x 13" diameter Price


Cuddler -


(matches Small Round)



Cuddler -







Extra Large Round Pet Bed

The Extra Large Round bed is big enough

for Liza and either her toys or one of her

smaller brothers or sisters.

Ozzy loves to cuddle in the Extra

Large Round bed.


The Extra Large Round Pet Bed is perfect for larger pets 20-35 pounds.  This size is great for cats such as Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat and Ragdolls.  The round pet beds may be turned upside down and the bottom pushed in to make them half as tall in case you have a pet that likes to hang their head over the side.  The sides become thicker like a bolster and the bowl size is slightly smaller - good for those growing kittens and puppies!  


8" tall x 18" diameter



  Bed 8" tall x 18" diameter Price


Extra Large Round -



(matches Cuddler, Small Oval, & Large Oval)







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